A couple of weeks ago, my nephew sent out an invitation saying that he would be holding a birthday party for the family. Of course, we decided that we HAD to be there. We wouldn't miss out on a party at his place for anything! Firstly for the company (okay maybe the food is what really attracts us) and secondly - there's never a shortage of beer or anything, when my brother is involved. So we had a great evening and Simon (my nephew) seemed to be enjoying himself. When it was time for bed, my sister in law swept him off for a quick shower and then let him come out for cake before putting him to bed. We ended up driving home my grandmother and her husband before we headed for Malmö. All in all a really nice evening. Happy 2nd Birthday, Simon! Can't wait to see what your 3rd party is going to be like ;-)

Today two of my brothers are coming over - there's a huge model airplane meet over here so we're going to be spending the day at the flying club where I spend a lot of spare time. Hopefully I'll get a couple of good pics to post here. Otherwise I'm sure there will be plenty on www.mrfs.se (which of course is in Swedish - I'll post a direct link when it's there).

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