As it turns out, I may be psychic. In any case, I predicted on friday that I would probably end up drinking too much beer this weekend. And boy did I not know what was coming for me!

We started out on Friday after work going to Anders' place for a BBQ - accompanied by generous amounts of beer. During the evening, an SMS message ticked (or... beeped) in on my cellphone from another friend who had recently had a birthday. He felt like celebrating so he invited a whole bunch of friends over. Knowing Patrick (as his name is), I already then had a slight feeling about what was in store. Sure enough. An appartment full of happy party people and lots and lots of beer, booze, shots and more. We arrived home in Malmö at around 6am Sunday morning.

Yesterday (Sunday) was naturally a VERY slow day. I went out to the R/C flying club both Saturday and Sunday and got a couple of hours "air time" with my EasyStar.

David and I also got creative and set up a little entertainment system in our bedroom. It's a "barebone" PC with a TV tuner card in it and a flatpanel monitor. We designed and built the shelf ourselves. Very handyman-like.

Now I'm at work, waiting for my colleagues to join me in the office. It'll be interesting to see what the day brings.
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