We’ve been talking about getting ourselves a puppy for a number of years but since we had cats while we lived in Sweden, we never really looked into it seriously. But after moving back to Denmark and changing our lives around a bit, we decided that now was just about the right time to start looking around. We chose to go for a Jack Russell terrier, mostly because they’re cute but also because they are an intelligent breed of dog. This means they are easily trained and can make really good family dogs. David looked around a bit and after talking to a lady who lives in the same building as us, found his way to Kennel Hoba

We went out yesterday to look at their puppies and ended up taking home the one named Hoba’s Speedy (there’s something about breeders giving their puppies names in alphabetical order or something – and the name of the kennel is there to keep track in the breeding program).



We decided to change his name to Apollo, and he’s now busy settling into his new home. He has already found his spot next to whoever is sitting on the couch watching TV :-)

We’ll probably set up a separate blog to post pics and stuff of our progress with him.

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