So, from now on the days will grow shorter once more. Well... maybe that sounds a bit too depressing, but it's true nonetheless.

Today has thus far been pretty uneventful. I'm still at work, currently busy building a new software image for my department (development) - so I'm going through the installation-hell that we all hate so much. I still have a long way to go before it's all done - so I'll have to continue on friday.

Later on I'll be heading out to eat with David at Peter & Pelle's. Free food! My favourite! (Oh - and not to mention pleasant company too!).

Tomorrow we'll be taking our "new" (info on this later) car up to the mechanic to have the minor faults which we have discovered, fixed. Really, it's minor stuff. Like "Oh, the light in the switch for turning on the driver's seat heater doesn't work" and "Hmm. The rubber seal around the trunk lock fell out so we need a new one".

I'll post pictures of the car when I'm not too lazy to take them. Lots of you guys have asked when you get to see it. I'll get round to it soon. I promise!

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