My little home coding project over the past couple of weeks has been a system created out of a specific need. A couple of friends have asked me to host their Subversion repositories for them, and seeing as I already have the servers running, I thought "What the heck, sure..." After a while it got annoying that I had to fix useraccounts and stuff for them every now and then. So I decided to go about making a system that could do the subversion hosting for me without my intervention. And now it's ready for beta test. I'll probably release the code (it's written in C#) as opensource - it's really ugly and hacked together, so it would probably only benifit from others taking a look at it. Oh - and the web frontend could REALLY use some help from someone with a little bit of design sense in them ;-)

The URL is http://svn.graffen.dk - check it out and be sure to give me lots of feedback! This is the first version, so there's lots of room for improvement. I'll be working on it whenever I have some free time.

Subversion is a file- and directory versioning system a lot like CVS (or VSS for you Microsoft folks), but without many of the drawbacks of these two systems. Read more here.

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