About a month ago, I blogged about PuTTY's IPv6 support being broken when running Windows Vista. Last night, Jeroen Massar (one of the guys behind SixXS) must have stumbled across my blog entry, because he sent me a mail with a link to some small utilities to try, and he asked me to send him my output. During the day, we've been mailing back and forth and he just sent me a mail with a link to a zip file containing updated PuTTY binaries. And the patched version works! So I can finally access my servers via IPv6 again :-)

Thanks Jeroen! Now we only need to get the PuTTY maintainers to include the patch into the official PuTTY source. Let's hope that happens soon. Until then, I'll be running the patched version which can be found here http://unfix.org/projects/ipv6/


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