Went flying yesterday. The weather was perfect for a couple of lazy evening flights. I started up the engine and made sure that everything was OK. I had one really successful flight, and my clubmates all came over and congratulated me on my quick learning.

So I refuelled and started her up for a second flight. Again, the engine just purred and sounded great. I called out to the others flying that I was going to take off and after they each had acknowledged that I was in the clear, I revved up to full throttle. She picked up speed quickly while she rolled down the grass landing field. After takeoff I prepared to make a shallow left turn but just at that moment the engine cut off and I started losing altitude. I was only about 2M in the air so I didn't have room to turn around and bring her back in. So I opted for the only other option there was, namely to set her down at the far end of the field in the tall grass and hope for the best. I gave a shout to the others that I was going to cross the field and ran over to check if there had been any damage. Luckily, nothing had happened, and I could just clear out the grass from the propeller and landing gear.

A quick assessment of the engine showed that my carburettor had loosened again. This time the screw had ruined the thread in the engine block. So there is no way I can tighten it. I'll have to have a look at it tonight and see if I can fix it somehow.

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