WUHU! I went flying this evening. I found out what was wrong with my engine. Apparently I had lost a screw (no, not me! the engine!) on the carburettor. So when that had been replaced, lo and behold, the engine ran beautifully. I did a little taxiing around on the ground by myself before a guy called Thomas came over and asked if he should take her up for me. I accepted the offer and he took her up and did a few circles of the field. Then he handed me the controls. She flew absolutely beautifully. So calm and easy that I found it extremely easy to control her. Thomas said something like "bring her down - I just need to check something on the engine". Apparently that meant to LAND the thing! I did a left hand landing circle and set her down on the ground as soft as I could. And boy did it feel great. Not only had I flown the plane now - I'd landed it. Then Thomas just said "OK, now full throttle and let me see a takeoff". So he didn't need to check anything after all - he just wanted to see me land. So I took off and flew a few figure of 8 patterns before bringing her in for landing again. Once more, I set her down perfectly. Now I needed a break as my adrenaline was seriously pumping. So I taxied to the pit and shut off the engine. I parked her nicely and decided to take a pic of her sitting there on the grass.

The suitcase is my flight case, containing a battery to power a small charger for the glow starter as well as for the electric starter (which I haven't used yet cause I'm still missing my spinner). And the little black box with blue tubes hanging off the side is a little electric fuel pump for refuelling (and emptying).
Too bad I have so many plans this weekend. I really need to get out and fly some more ;-)
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