So, after spending a couple of hours at the beach on Tuesday, I took the car to the mechanic's and when that was done, I headed for Denmark, where I had to pick up David. He had arranged a dinner appointment with Peter and Pelle. Let's just say that cold white wine after a day in the sun is something that my tastebuds really enjoyed. As only three of us drink wine, we ended up drinking four bottles between us. I'm sure both Peter and Pelle felt a little sorry for themselves when they had to get up for work yesterday ;-)

I had made an appointment with a couple of other friends that they would meet me at Copenhagen central station at 8am so we could go do some outdoorsey stuff (he has a small inflatable dinghy and an outboard motor). It turned out, however that they too had been out drinking, so they overslept. Well only slightly. I got a phone call at about 1pm :-P So while I waited (between 8am and 1pm) I had been cycling around the old parts of inner Copenhagen known as Christianshavn. I ended up at the beach on Amager where I just dazed until they finally called.

We ended up (after a LONG drive in the wrong direction, silly me!) at Frederikssund, where we launched the dinghy and went for a little trip. When we got back to their place, they cooked up a great meal for us. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Today the sun is shining AGAIN so I'll probably end up going for a swim... AGAIN :-P Hopefully I'll start getting tanned also at some point. For some reason it's just not working out for me this year. Have a great day everyone (especially those of you still working)

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