I drove up to Helsingborg for the Nordic IMAC Challenge (IMAC stands for "International Miniature Aerobatics Club"). Unfortunately, it was practically raining non-stop, so I only stayed for the first "Basic" competition which was held while the rain took some time off. As soon as the next part of the competition was supposed to start, it started pouring again. So we (two of my brothers and a friend of my big brother were there) decided that we might as well just head home. So I headed back to Malmö and the others headed for the ferry from Helsingborg to Helsingør.

David and I decided that we would start rearranging the living room. We also decided that we needed a new coffee table - so a trip to IKEA was planned for later. I also wanted to go flying - so now it was starting to look difficult to get everything fitted in. Just then my younger brother called. He wanted to ask a huge favour of me. It turned out that he had left his jacket containing his car keys and sunglasses at Burger King in Helsingborg. So a trip north was also thrown in the planning pot.

Luckily, everything just worked out perfectly. We went to IKEA, then to the flying club where I managed to get in a single flight, and then headed for Helsingborg. When we got home, we spent some hours finishing off the reaarangement of our living room. All the hard work really payed off. The room is really cool now :)

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