I just got my new phone. A shiny Nokia 5800 Express Music. I bought it mostly because I wanted a phone that was more centered around “online life” than my old N95 8GB. That means a phone where I have easy access to my Twitter, Gmail, Google Calendar etc. with a full QWERTY keyboard. I could have gone with an iPhone but I still think they’re a bit too expensive (but NICE!)

Anyway, I went for a ride today and found that the GPS was taking ages to get a proper fix. The first time it took almost 15 minutes!. So I figured that A-GPS (Assisted GPS) was configured incorrectly. When I got back home I checked the settings on my N95 8GB which used to give me a proper fix within 3-5 seconds.

In the Positioning Settings on my N95 (Settings –> General –> Positioning –> Positioning Server) the Server address was set to “supl.nokia.com”.
On my new 5800, the same settings (found under Applications –> Location –> Positioning Positioning Server) were set to “http://supl.nokia.com”. I removed the http:// part and voila!, the GPS fixes just as fast as my old N95 did :-)

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