I just got to work. And I'm starving.
"Go buy some bread from the bakery", you say?
Well I wish I could! You see, in Denmark we're apparently so self-centered that we refuse to accept any other debit/credit cards than the local "Dankort". Which means that people like myself who have chosen NOT to have this type of card, but instead carry a Visa Electron (for my Danish account) and a regular Visa (for my Swedish) can't buy stuff. And I'm just not the type of person who enjoys having a pocket full of coins and notes. It's really starting to tick me off now. How hard can it be?!? In Sweden I can use these two cards almost everywhere. But in Denmark you really have to be lucky to find a place that takes anything other than Dankort. Even the biggest convenience/grocery stores refuse to accept anything else. I know my little blog post probably won't make a difference but I just had to let off some steam...

Have a great day!

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