Have you ever wondered how blind people must feel when doing everyday things like shopping or just walking the streets? You should visit the Experimantarium science museum in Hellerup, just north of Copenhagen then. Their current theme exhibition is precisely that. You are let into a world with absolutely no light. And all you have to help you around is a cane and a professional guide (who is either blind or very visually impaired). You get to experience how the world feels when you have no visual input whatsoever.

At first it was a bit creepy - even though we were all laughing and joking ("Hey! Who's hand is that?" or "Hmm is that you, Michael?"). But then you started to notice how much input all your other senses start giving you. You start hearing noises much more clearly. And your sense of touch and feeling is also enhanced. Things you don't normally give second thoughts, like what kind of surface you're walking on, suddenly start to make a huge difference.

Our tour guide, Peter, was absolutely amazing. He guided us around the three theme areas (park, garden and city), letting us touch, feel and sense all the different things. The whole exhibition was really well made. The city scene even had cars parked, bikes, fire hydrants (found that the hard way. Ouch!) and so on. The whole tour ended in the café (nope, no light here, either) where we could buy cold or hot drinks, cake, chips and so on. Very cool!

All in all an extremely interesting and eye-opening (pun intended) experience that I'd recommend anyone who's in the area anyway to go and check out!

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