Another weekend just went by. I hardly even noticed the whooshing sound it made as it flew past me. So what did we do? Well, Friday evening was spent with a good friend, Stefan. We went down to one of the local bars for an after-work beer. It turned out we arrived during happy hour, so we got double up. Great. Luckily, one of the bartenders is an old friend so after the first couple of beers, the rest just showed up for free without us having to order them ;)

On Saturday we were invited over to David's sister's place for her birthday. I spent the afternoon setting up a couple of blogs for my brother - more on those some other time. After spending a few hours with the family, David and I decided that we were tired and started to head home. But we changed our minds. Earlier that evening his cousin Daniel had called and told us that he, his brother and a couple of friends were all up in David's uncle's cabin and basically having a blast. So we decided to head home, pack a bag of spare clothes and drive up. We arrived there a little past midnight.

Yesterday was spent firing off the potato cannon they'd built, before we decided to call it a weekend and head home.

And here I am once again sitting at work doing a little bugfixing in a tool I've created to help me perform tests of some new bits and pieces in our software.


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