I finally got around to taking a look at what was causing my blog to return 404 errors on most posts. It turned out that it was one specific (spam) comment on almost every single post that caused BlogEngine.NET to freak out somehow.

I’ve now upgraded to the latest version, deleted the bad comment on most posts and everything again seems to be working alright.

I have a few posts lined up for here that I’ll post over the next few weeks, so stay tuned :-)

Oh – and I’ll be moving in 2 weeks… back to good old Denmark. The story behind that decision is a whole post of its own.


This is the building we're moving into (it's been finished for 2 years by now)


After having studied BlogEngine.NET for a few days, I decided to make the switch on my own blog. I googled around a bit to figure out how to migrate my existing blog content to the new platform. I quickly decided to go with the instructions I found on merrill.net.

The only major disadvantage is that trackback links are broken. I’ll try to find a way to fix them :-)

So here it is. Shiny and new, running on this great piece of blogging software. Now I just need to figure out how to get my twitter feed shown on here again.

 UPDATE: Simple - just select the Twitter widget in the administration menu and hey presto! it's there :)