Back in December, I posted an entry about a little skunkworks project I'd been working on. It's a hosting service for SubVersion repositories. I just checked the user database to see how many users there were and was pretty surprised at the number. I guess that means I'll have to take up the project again and polish off a few of the rough corners. Since I published the original version, I've also got a few new ideas about how I could implement some of the stuff in a cleverer way. Once I get the code cleaned up a bit, I'll post the entire source code in its own SVN repository. That way, it'll be easier for you guys out there to change and improve it :-)

Feel free to add a comment here if you're using the service and want to give me feedback - it'll be greatly appreciated!

(Oh, and thanks Allan for the blog post - you've caused a couple of new users to sign up as well ;-))

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