Funny. Looking through my statistics, I've noticed that a quite considerable number of visitors to my site actually come here looking for a webcam page. The reason, I think, is that once upon a time, way back in around 2001 or so, I did have a webcam page on www.graffen.dk. It actually had two cams on it. One static, sitting atop my monitor, and one that you could remote control so you could look around my computer room. Naturally, something like that generates a lot of interest - mainly because people love it when the Internet gets interactive like that. I mean, imagine sitting in Australia, clicking away on a form button and actually seeing a camera move around in a room somewhere on the outskirts of Copenhagen. At one point, I even considered adding an online light switch so people could turn my desk light on and off.

However, my interest in being watched 24/7 faded away at some point, so I took the page offline. Yet to this day, years afterwards, my page continues to generate traffic because it at one point had something really cool on it. Who knows... maybe one day I'll put something else really cool online. But for now, you'll have to live with my little blog.

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