Ahh, what a weekend! On Friday after work, we set off in our car towards Jutland. We had arranged (via www.gomore.dk) to take a girl along to Kolding. This meant two things: 1) We had some company on the trip across, and 2) the trip was cheaper for us because she also payed part of the petrol and bridge fares. The trip across Zealand (about 100km) took over 2½ hours because of traffic congestion. When we finally made it to the Great Belt Bridge (see below)

I was so happy that I just HAD to take a picture. We dropped of our passenger in Kolding and agreed to meet up with her at 7pm-ish on Sunday. The time now was about 7:30pm. We still had about 120Km to go before reaching our first stop, Randers. Here we visited Jesper and Lasse in their new appartment.

It's midsummers eve - where we traditionally burn all our witches. But since there has been a tremendous shortage of witches in Denmark over the past couple of hundred years, we settle for witch-lookalikes usually made of newspaper and old clothes set on a makeshift broomstick. We had planned to go out and look at the town bonfire, but they had already put it out when we got there - and it was only about 10pm!. Maybe Randers has lots of kids that have to go to bed early or something. Whatever. So we ended up going back up to Jesper & Lasse for a couple of beers.

We then headed for Aarhus, where Jesper & Tonni (I know, LOTS of Jespers!) now were home and waiting for us. We unpacked our self-inflatable bed and fell fast asleep.
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