Hmm. Sitting on the train headed for Malmö. Laptop in my... lap (suprise!). The train is full. At the airport, it fills up even more. A whole group of Ukranian (I know because their costumes said "Ukraine" on them. Could have been a coincidence I guess but I doubt it) sporty types fill up the aisles. And just then the sobbing of an elderly gentleman saying
"I was supposed to get off here *sob* I don't want to go to Malmö *another sob* I have to get off"
I felt sorry for the old chap so I got up and went to find the train crew. The conductor had heard his sobs so she was aware of him. I sat down and talked to the old chap until the train reached Malmö. He was VERY confused. I hardly think he really knew where he was supposed to be going (plus, that plastic bag full of empty beer bottles probably had something to do with his slow perception). Anyway, when we reached Malmö, I waited with the old geezer until there was enough room for us to get him safely off the train. He was a VERY slow walker and was in pain (or... at least I think so. The phrase "ow that really really hurts" came out of his mouth quite often). After a VERY slow walk to the right platform, the conductor from our train got hold of the conductor of the train towards Copenhagen and made him hold the train until we had the old guy safely on board.

Makes you feel kinda good when you do stuff like that. Now all I hope is that he really WAS supposed to go back to Copenhagen ;-)

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