Wowee! What more can you ask for besides great weather, lots of very excited people and lots and lots of really cool model aircraft? That was basically what I got yesterday when I went to my flying club's annual summer meet. My guess is that between 500 and 1000 people showed up as spectators and there were maybe about 100 planes on display. Around 20 pilots did shows both with helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. There were even a couple of model jets (yes, real jet turbines!). These have a top speed of around 400KM/h - if you blink while flying, you're finished. A couple of pilots did some very advanced aerobatic displays - among them, Danish Kasper Holger who put on some extremely amazing displays with his 3,5 metre Extra 300S (which is powered by a 150cc Boxer engine). Here's a picture of him hovering centimeters over the ground with his plane upright.

This is the sort of stunt that is normally performed by pilots who fly their small, battery powered aircraft indoors. Truly amazing! Kasper also had a model jet, an SU-27, which he unfortunately crashed only about a minute after takeoff. During a shallow flyby in front of the audience, he got his left wing too close to the ground and the plane just disintegrated (at around 300KM/h). Check out Kasper's website (in Danish) at www.modelfly.dk.

I took around 300 pictures - they're posted at www.graffen.dk/rc/KvarnlandaMeet2006/
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