I went out to the club after work yesterday, hoping to get a little help in taking my Calmato out for her maiden flight. I fuelled her and started her up. She started up right away with absolutely no problems. I checked that everything was in order and that the engine was running smoothly before shutting it down again. When the others had finished their meeting, they came out and Jakob offered to take her up to check that everything was OK. So I refuelled. But this time, I just couldn't get her started. For some reason, the engine wasn't pulling in enough fuel. When we finally succeeded in getting her running, Jakob did a little taxiing around the field before finally giving full throttle. The plane rolled steadily across the field before finally lifting perfectly into the air. Apparently, I'd done something right while putting it together. Jakob did a little flying about, checking for center of gravity, control throws (the amount of movement on the control surfaces) etc. before bringing her down gently for a near-perfect landing (the engine cut off at the last moment). We tried again to get the engine to run properly, but for some reason we never really got it running again. When I got home, I swapped the fuel lines for some bigger ones. I hope that does the trick. I'll try start her up at home when I get back from work and see if I can get her running smoothly.

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