So... I'm in the big boys league now (plane-wise, that is!). I just got my new plane yesterday and boy it's big. For those of you who have any interest, it's a 28% scale Extra 300S, powered by a 3W 50i petrol engine. It has a wingspan of 210cm and is 195 from cowl to rudder (that makes it about 2M long with propeller and spinner). It weighs in at around 8300g. I took a few snapshots of it in my living room. But it's difficult to get a sense of scale. See the pics here.

On a sadder note, our club house somehow caught fire. There's nothing useable left. There are plenty of pics of the whole thing here, and a little movie clip here. We have a feeling it wasn't an accident. Mainly because there was nothing in the clubhouse that could catch fire by itself - no electrics and no flammable liquids. Why can't people just learn to leave other peoples belongings alone? *grrr*

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