Wuhu! After years of being irritated that ipv6.dk didn't have any useful contents, I noticed before Christmas that the domain was suspended by DK-Hostmaster. This could mean two things:

1) TDC, the previous owner, had forgotten to pay for it and it was just a matter of days before it was reactivated, or
2) They weren't interested anymore and had given up on the domain.

So I registered myself on the domain waiting list and was really surprised to be first in line. And now it's mine! I just replied on the confirmation mail from DK Hostmaster, confirming that I was indeed interested in registering the domain. Now I'm just waiting for my DNS provider to refresh so I can set up DNS on my new domain.

What's my plan with it, you ask? Well, I would like to set up a kind of IPv6 portal, with information in Danish about what IPv6 is all about, how to implement it, etc. Both for end-users but also, and maybe more importantly, for ISP's and decision-takers.

Now all I need is an extra few hours in the day so I can find the time to get it done.

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