Wow. I've already been off work for 2 days and I'm already getting used to it ;-) Today I have to take the Volvo to the mechanic. There's a squeaky noise coming from the rear right suspension system and it's driving us nuts. So hopefully we'll get it fixed. The guy at Volvo said there was a 6 week waiting list for repairs. Until then I think I'll just go hang out at the beach and get a little sun. The weather is really great - it's 25 degrees outside and sunny!

Oh and when I woke up a little while ago it was with great horror that I noticed that my internet connection was down. That also meant that access to all my websites was down (cause I'm a nerd and want to do all my hosting myself). But I'm back online and hopefully will stay that way :-)

Now I'm gonna go hit the shower and then pack my beach bag :-P

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