Well I'm back in the office now after a bit of a hectic weekend. David's nephew Mads came over and went with me to the beach on friday. When we got home, we had a barbecue in the courtyard and then off to bed. Saturday was my grandmothers husband's (no, not my grandfather -he died many years ago) 85th birthday. And apart from a couple of "interesting" speeches (mostly by one of his old military friends) it was a pretty good get-together. After the wild 85th party we went home with my brother to barbecue at his place. A bit too many beers later we were finally at home again. Yesterday I took Mads back to Copenhagen where his mother met us. I spent the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing. Oh, and I actually managed to stay interested long enough to watch a little bit of football (too bad I fell asleep before it was over hehe).

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