Left home at 8am this morning to take my car to Volvo in Ängelholm (just north of Helsingborg). We bought the car a few weeks ago and had found a few things that needed to be fixed.

We arrived there at 9:20 and left the car, along with a list of things for the mechanic to look at. He said he'd call us when he was done.
Now there's absolutely NOTHING to do in Ängelholm - it's a really really sleepy town. So we decided to take the train down to Helsingborg to go for a walk around town. Oh! I found myself a new pair of shoes - something I've been yearning for in the last few months.

Anyway - when the time passed 1.30pm, we decided that the car MUST be nearly ready so we headed back towards Ängelholm. When we arrived back at Volvo we were pretty shocked to see how our car was poised on the lift - WITHOUT WHEELS! Hmm... well these guys are mechanics - I'm sure they know what they're doing... or at least I hope! The guy at the counter told us that it would be at least another hour before the car was ready so we walked around looking at all the new cars, reading some of the magazines, studying spare parts etc. Finally the car was ready. It turned out that one of our little complaints - that the brakes sometimes made a brushing sound - made the guys decide to change the entire brake system on the rear wheels. Great!

On our way home we stopped by the "Turtle Wax Self Service Car Wash" to scrub the car down.

So... everything is now fine and dandy and we're all set for our weekend trip to Århus to visit a bunch of friends.

And another great thing happened today. David got a phone call that he'll be starting his new job on Monday. He's going to be working for Netkoncept and will be in charge of RMA. Congrats!

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