I always find it hard to create a schedule before going to a conference. And especially one with as many amazing talks as this year's GOTO. However to give myself just a little of a head start, I created a preliminary draft of a schedule a couple of weeks ago. 

I do know for a fact that this schedule will change once I'm actually at the conference. It will all depend on how my mood swings, the vibes I pick up from others, who I end up talking to during breaks/lunch/beertime and probably lots of other outside influences. What's important to me is that by creating this schedule, I forced myself to actually go over the programme in detail. So I have a pretty good general idea of what will be going on where, and who the different speakers are. 

Oh and one more thing! I was one of the lucky winners of the awesome GOTO hoodie competition that ran on Twitter. I'll really be able to blend in with all the other awesome conference-goers now. 

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